The FOA are an American awarding body, their certification is widely recognised outside the UK, and at offshore locations. The FOA qualifications covers everything from fibre technician to Fibre Characterisation. If you are working overseas and offshore, this qualification is highly recommended

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FOA Certified Fibre Optic Technician Course

£699exc. VAT (w. VAT: £839)

*In-active* FOA CFOS/DC

£299exc. VAT (w. VAT: £359)

*In-active* FOA CFOS/A

£299exc. VAT (w. VAT: £359)

*In-active* FOA CFOS/FC

£299exc. VAT (w. VAT: £359)

*In-active* FOA CFOS/L

£299exc. VAT (w. VAT: £359)

*In-active* FOA CFOS/DAS

£299exc. VAT (w. VAT: £359)

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