Hire - Range of Fusion Splicers & EXFO Test Equipment to Rent

If you don’t want to spend the money on purchasing either a splicer or test equipment, or only need a unit to do a quick test/repair, we have a large range of products for you to hire at a low cost. We have a large inventory of equipment from splicers, OTDR’s and ILM testers, stocking INNO, EXFO and FLUKE.

Customer Setup

Fusion Splicer from £24/day

Hiring makes good sense
Every day, more and more people come to realise the many benefits of hiring tools and equipment from Fibreplus.

Hiring saves money
With no capital outlay, you can have immediate access to our range of splicing and testing equipment. You save on labour costs and don't have to worry about the problems of registration, depreciation, storage, repairs and maintenance.

When you hire, you're the boss
You plan your work to suit yourself and hire the equipment only when you need it.

Try before you buy
If you're thinking about buying something new, why not try before you buy at Fibreplus to ensure it's what you really want.

No obsolescence
When you hire from Fibreplus, you get the very latest equipment. When new and better equipment is developed, we buy it, so you don't have to.

Hiring makes work easy
The right equipment makes the most difficult task easy. Work is safer and more productive with the latest equipment from Fibreplus.

Meet peak demands
You can add to your existing equipment stock during peak periods by simply calling Fibreplus.

More reliable equipment
We are constantly upgrading and adding to our range to provide you with the most reliable equipment. Fibreplus stock only leading brands that are renowned for reliability and performance. Our rigorous cleaning, servicing and testing ensures you hire reliable and efficient equipment.

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