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Why trust Fibreplus for your Data Centre Solutions?

Fibreplus is the leading, premier distributor for EXFO based in the UK. We provide services, support and solutions for data centres and telecommunications. We understand that data centres must keep a high standard in order to ensure integrity and functionality. The expanding needs, complex architectures and operational processes within data centres need end-to-end solutions that are space, energy, time and cost saving. At Fibreplus, our technical experts, experienced sales professionals and solution specialists will help you at every step of your installation. We will help you build, connect and secure the most reliable networks in order to meet your extensive requirements and future demands.

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No matter what you are testing, we have a suitable solution for you!

At Fibreplus we cover anything from 1GigE to 100g and more...

1G to 10G



FTB 1v2 Dual Carrier

The FTB-1-Pro is a light-weight, compact modular test platform allowing field technicians to carry out dedicated optical, Ethernet and multi-service test applications simply and efficiently. There are a variety of modules and applications that can be paired with the FTB-1 in order to utilise the tool for specific tasks.

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We have un-matched knowledge on EXFOs test equipment, the best test equipment on the market.


Speed up your testing with our fast yet accurate end-to-end solutions.


Our experienced Technical Experts will work with you to find the answers to your queries and are on hand to support your installations.


At Fibreplus we understand the cost of Data Centre test solutions, therefore offer affordable hire options.


Our sales professionals can advise you on what equipment you need to meet your requirements.

FTBx 88260 Test Module

The FTBx 88260 module is built to handle multiple transceiver types via EXFO’s Open Transceiver System (OTS). The 10G to 100G test module, built to allow the input of varying transceivers in order to be specifically catered to certain fibre jobs.

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TA Adapters

Modular in design, the OTS (Open Transceiver System) enables compatibility between current or future high-speed transceivers and EXFO’s test platforms (lab and field). Insert to test specific transceiver types, including those used in 400G systems (e.g., QSFP-DD, OSFP, COBO, and CFP8), eliminate the need to replace entire testing modules.

Max 800 Series

An efficient, handheld platform that troubleshoots 64K circuits up to 100G networks smarter, simpler and faster. With a variety of options, fibre engineers are able to test a wide range of interfaces and rates without sacrificing portability, speed or cost.

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Inspection Probe

Providing you with an unmatched user experience, the FIP 435B promises fast and consistent test results. The wireless probe is portable and connectivity in any location allowing you to sync results and reports to cloud servers.

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Used to connect the fastest links that deliver the most sensitive of services and data to customers, enable high-speed interconnects and create redundancy. Increasingly, telcos are also reconfiguring their central offices into data centers (CORDs) and deploying MPO cables with 12, but more and more, 24 fibers. When not properly tested, multifiber links can put the entire health of a network at risk.

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Software & Automation

    Offers an automated test for transcievers. Allows a user to test the optical module for functionality and errors before installation and during maintenance.

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    EtherSAM is based on the ITU-T standard Y.1564, it offers methodology for turning-up and/or troubleshooting Ethernet services.
  • ISAM
    An automated and intelligent turn-up/ troubleshooting Ethernet service. This application allows users to test Service Level Agreement compliance and quality of service.
    Traffic Generation test application offers an independent traffic and 16 configurable streams with detailed results. The software tests for jitter, latency, out of sequence, frame loss and more...


The first optical fibre multi-meter (OFM): Link verification with embedded fault tracking. Verify optical links in seconds and automatically explore further when potential issues are suspected. Accelerate fibre deployments, simplify activation procedures and improve robustness of repairs for better QoS and MTTR.

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A scalable, open platform test solution for validating bandwidth speed and monitoring network performance. Simple to use, pocket-sized solution: quickly and accurately tests full line rate Gigabit Ethernet speeds.

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