EXFO Warranty Options

EXFO Warranty

Fibreplus offer a special warranty with EXFO products.
We extend the warranty on all New EXFO units by an additional 12 months above standard warranty periods giving you the ultimate peace of mind.

INNO Warranty Options

Terms & Conditions
  1. All INNO fusion splicers are covered by a Manufacturer’s Return-to-Base warranty covering parts and labour for up to 3 years.
  2. Fibreplus cover an additional two years extended warranty on all INNO View 5 and View 7 models with no additional cost.
  3. Failures due to normal wear and tear are not covered under the Manufacturer’s warranty.
  4. Batteries, Electrodes and Cleaver Blades are considered a consumable item, therefore are not covered under the warranty.

  5. 3/5 Year Return to Base Warranty (Dependant on Model)

  6. All machines purchased under this warranty will be covered for all parts (except items outlined in clause 2 & 3) and labour.
  7. Delivery to the customer, after a service or repair, will be chargeable. Fibreplus can arrange the collection of the splicer, from the customer, at a cost.
  8. Replacement splicers may be available for hire for the duration of the service/repair. The maximum we will charge for this is a one week hire (£199+VAT).
  9. Machines will need to be shipped back to the Fibreplus Service Centre in Melksham.
  10. The machine will need to be serviced a minimum of every 12 months. Higher volume use machines may require servicing more often in order to accommodate normal wear and tear issues.
  11. Failure to maintain the service status of the machine will invalidate the warranty.
  12. The cost of the service will be charged at £415 +VAT (inc. replacement electrodes).

  13. Enhanced 5 Year All Inclusive Warranty (Optional)

  14. Clauses 1-4 & 7-10 are all applicable.
  15. Five annual services are included in this warranty.
  16. In addition, we will endeavour to make available, a replacement splicer for the duration of the service/repair.
  17. To book a replacement machine, the customer will need to contact Fibreplus with the shipping details of the machine that is being sent in for service/repair. Upon the receipt of the tracking number, a replacement machine will be shipped out to the customer on a next day service.
  18. Shipping of the replacement unit will be free of charge and is a fully insured service.
  19. On completion of the service/repair, the return shipping of both the customer’s unit and the replacement unit, will be free of charge.

Please note, this offer cannot be used in conjunction with other special offers.
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