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EXFO Post-processing Software

  • Boost Reporting Productivity for Connector Endface Inspection
  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface
  • New Features for more Productivity
  • Consolidated Data Management
  • A Gateway to TestFlow

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Field Test Management Solution

  • Right Results First Time
  • Access Automated Reports
  • Field Test Results In Real Time
  • Ensure 100% Compliance
  • Significantly Reduce Test Set-up



Data post-processing software package to boost reporting productivity and time management.

FastReporter 3 is a data post-processing software that equips you with everything you need in order to overcome the challenges of analyzing fibre-optic test and measurement data. The software enables technicians to edit and analyse multiple files and properly document networks, saving time and money. You can now benefit from FastReporter as it manages data and generates reports for all of your optical-layer test applications, increasing efficiency and productivity. FastReporter now comes with TestFlow in a software package! TestFlow is EXFO's cloud-based field test management solution, enabling technicians to complete jobs fast and extremely accurately.

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One software does it all!

The analysis of fibre-optic data comes with many challenges whether the test and measurement data comes from FIP, OTDR and iOLM testing or PMD and chromatic dispersion testing. It is vital to edit and analyse measurement files correctly which does require hours of a technicians time. As well as this, there is risk of human error, which in todays highly competitive landscape is extremely perilous.

Therefore, get equipped with FastReporter3 to overcome all the challenges of analyzing fibre-optic test and measurement data. Manage data and generate reports easily with FastReporter3, and increase your efficiency, accuracy and productivity.

FR3 Key Features:

FastReporter 3's key features have been designed to help boost productivity and consolidate data management. Technicians can benefit from:

  • Inituitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Live Templating for OTDR Testing
  • Powerful Batch Processing
  • Bidirectional Batch Analysis for iOLM & OTDR
  • Automatic Tool for Duplicated Measurement Verification
  • Live Field Reporting
  • OTDR and iOLM Loopback Reporting



    The new OTDR and iOLM loopback reporting, bidirectional batch analysis and live templating for OTDR testing increases productivity and efficiency allowing jobs to be closed faster but more accurately.


    FastReporters new Validator saves you the risk of missing key information, and can save you time and money by eliminating the need for qualified people to validate your results. The Validator is an automated process for accepting test results fast, and allows you to audit more results.


    FastReporters Licensing is easily assigned via email invitation, and is fully in the hands of the customer. This means that the customer is able to re-assign FastReproter to another employee or PC if desired.


    TestFlow is a cloud-based management solution with automated result validation. Its test results are auto-uploaded and it has been designed to ensure 100% compliance to methods and procedures.

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  • FastReporter 2
  • 30 Days

  • Fixed to PC

  • USB Dongle

  • Standard

  • FastReporter 3
  • 90 Days

  • User Based

  • USB Dongle

  • Improved & Up to Date



Align with the best practices as automation becomes the norm in the industry


Significantly reduced set up times and faster job completiton for multi-technician jobs.


Right results, first time! Results are auto uploaded and the software eliminates human error.


Avoid project delays and repeat jobs, meaning that job will be completed more accurately as well as faster.


Ensure 100% compliance to methods & procedures.

What is TestFlow?

FastReporter3 now comes with TestFlow - a cloud-based field test management solution that allows technicians to complete tasks that would normally take weeks, in minutes. Automatically slash your admin time as results are auto-uploaded, jobs are auto-downloaded to your test set and no time will be wasted documenting data and transferring test results. You can also benefit from faster job completion due to real-time job collaboration and test set sequencing.

TestFlow now includes FastReporter 3 meaning that technicians are now fully equipped to validate field results quickly and error-free. Post-processing data and generating results is now fully automated benefitting not only technicians, but each role of the organization from site lead to executive. Streamline your test processes and cut costs with this all in one software package.

TestFlow is designed for all roles!

Whatever your role, TestFlow will help you streamline your processes as well as cutting your business' costs. From saving time for techinicians, viewing overall job progress for site leads to increasing compliance & work quality for project managers, TestFlow can benefit everyone.

  • Technicians: TestFlow can reduce your time on a job as there is no need to go back to troubleshoot. Multiple technicians can also work together with real-time job collaboration.
  • Site Lead: Gain better control over the tasks due to centralized result viewing from a smart phone.
  • Project Manager: You are able to create jobs and assignments easily as well as manage & auto-download data to test sets.
  • Test Results Auditor: You will be confident that the results are reliable with FastReporter 3's comprehensive results validation.
  • Editor: Able to make more informed business decisions due to being able to view the performance of workers.

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Eliminate human error and automatically protect critical tests with "right first time" results!

Easily create an organisation account and invite up to 5 users to participate!

No need to contact EXFO to set up to access all functionalities for 90 days!

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