Fibre Optic Installation and Testing Course (Unit 1 & an Additional Fibre Unit)

Level 2: City & Guilds 3667-02
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What is the City and Guilds 3667-02 course?

The City and Guilds 3667-02 course is a Fibre Optic and Copper Installation and Testing course and is the UK’s industry standard qualification.

This course provides delegates with the opportunity to learn both theoretical and practical skills of Fibre Optics and/or Copper Installation and Testing. The skills gained on the City and Guilds 3667-02 course provides you with the knowledge to tackle real-life situations involving cabling systems.

Fibreplus Telecommunications College run the UK’s industry standard qualification, the City and Guilds 3667-02. The 3667 course is approved by the UK Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA) and can give delegates up to 3 level 2 qualifications.

City and Guilds have worked alongside the UK Fibre Optic Industry to keep the 3667 course content relevant and up-to-date. The 3667 course covers all the Fibre Optic industries current standards and codes of practice in order to qualify its students to the highest standard.

Our Online Training has proved extremely successful, we have a 95% pass rate and offer extended support for our students.

Who should attend?

City and Guilds 3667-02 Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 is suitable for both those interested in becoming Fibre and Copper Installers, as well as those currently doing the job who are seeking certification. The course is ideal for those looking to improve and broaden their installation skills, increase their knowledge, open their opportunities and prove their professionalism.

Therefore, this course is suitable for complete beginners or installation technicians, or engineers who will be installing telecoms, CATV, CCTV, or fibre optic/copper systems. Test engineers and maintenance staff would also benefit from this course due to learning about acceptance testing, fault finding and repair.

It is also suitable for those who would like an introduction into the theory and practical aspects of fibre optics and/or copper communication cabling. For example, sales staff, managers and planners.

What are the course requirements?

Basic knowledge of fibre optics would be beneficial, however our 3667-02 course is open to beginners within the Telecoms Industry. The City and Guilds 3667-02 is a level 2 course.

What do the units cover?

To achieve the full 3667-02 certification unit 1 needs to be completed alongside any one of the other units (2, 3 or 4).

Unit 1 covers Principles of Communications Cabling. The unit covers in detail: Identifying Safe Working Practices in Communication Systems, Basic Principles of SI Units Symbols, Basic Principles of Communication Systems and Basic Principles of Data Communication.

Unit 2 covers Fibre Optic Cabling in an Internal Environment. The unit covers in detail: Safety regarding Working with Fibre Optics in an Internal Environment, Recommended Installation Procedures, Preparation for Fibre Connectorisation & Splicing, Splicing together Optical Fibre, Terminating Fibre Optic Cable by Fitting Connectors, Testing Fibre Optic Links and an Exam.

Unit 3 covers Fibre Optic Cabling in an External Environment. The unit covers in detail: Working Safely with Optical Fibres in an External Environment, Recommended Installation Procedures, Preparing Fibre Optic Cable for Fibre Splicing, Joining Fibre Optic Cables by Splicing, Terminating Fibre Optic Cables by Splicing, Testing Fibre Optic Links and an Exam.

Unit 4 covers Copper Cabling in an Internal Environment. The unit covers in detail: Working Safely with Copper Cabling in an Internal Environment, Basic Electrical Theory and Safety regarding Data Communications Cabling, Installing Copper Communication Cabling, Terminating Copper Communication Cabling, Testing FTP, UTP and Multicore Copper Links and an Exam.

How do you complete the course?

Our City and Guilds 3667-02 course of Virtual Learning on our Online Portal and then in-house practical and assessments at our Training Centre once your online learning is completed.

Our "Virtual Training" consists of 4 weeks of online theory work on our online portal, which you complete at home. The learning consists of a video lesson and then multiple-choice question test, we also encourage our students do complete these tests and their unit mock exams more than once.

Once you have completed the 4 weeks learning we invite our students to our centre to complete their practical assessments and exams - these do need to be in-house meaning you would need to come to our centre in Melksham, Wiltshire.

Practical details:

Our Telecommunications Training Centre is based in Melksham in Wiltshire.

Our 3667-02 course runs weekly, and we take on a maximum of 6 delegates on each course. This is so each student receives 1-1 time with the trainer, and so there is enough equipment for each student to use individually. Our practical dates consist of hands-on workshops with each piece of equipment, including the latest industry product ranges from EXFO and INNO.

Our practical dates for the in-house practical assessments and exams are as follows:

For Units 1 and any other unit you would need to come to us for 2 days.

For Units 1, 2 and 3 you would need to come to us for 2.5 days.

For Units 1, 2, 3 and 4 you would need to come to us for 5 days.

Please note, exams are multiple choice, closed book examinations and are completed on the City and Guilds computer-based exam system. Practical assessments are simulated exercises such as basic splicing, external and internal cable preparation and testing fibre optic cables. Results are given at the end of examination.

When you come to us, we require you to bring your ID for your City and Guilds registration. Other than this, we provide you with everything you need.

Extended Support and Aftercare:

At Fibreplus Telecommunications College we pride ourselves on our extended support once our students have completed their courses and are out working in the real world. We achieve this as our students have access to their online theory content and workshops after they have completed their course meaning they can revise their knowledge if needed at a later date. Our Support Team and Trainers are always happy to speak over the phone and answer any questions if any support is needed in the future after the course has been completed.





SN12 8DZ


    • Health and Safety
    • Identifying Safe Working Practices
    • Carrying Out Preparation
    • Basic Principles of SI Unit Symbols
    • Basic Principles of Communications Systems
    • Advantages & Disadvantages of Fibre vs Copper
    • Basic Principles of Data Communication
    • Working Safely with Optical Fibres in an Internal Environment
    • Recommended Installation Procedures
    • Preparation for Fibre Connectorisation and Splicing
    • Splicing Together Optical Fibre
    • Terminating Fibre Optic Cable by Fitting Connectors
    • Testing Fibre Optic Links
    • City and Guilds Multiple Choice Assessment
    • Site Surveys
    • Detailed Plans
    • Optional Provisions & Optimum Routes
    • Co-ordinating Provisions
    • Design - External Overhead Network Cabling Infrastructure
    • Legislation & Regulations
    • Exam & Assessment Method
    • Working Safely with Copper in an Internal Environment
    • Basic Electrical Theory and Safety in Regard to Data Communications Cabling
    • Installing Copper Communications Cabling
    • Terminating Copper Communication Cabling
    • Testing FTP, UTP and Multicore Copper Links
    • City and Guilds Multiple Choice Assessment
There are no pre-requisites for this course Recommended

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  • City & Guilds 3667-02 Online Course "I have really enjoyed the course, cannot wait to get hands on!
    Robert. J, February 2021
  • “I had a great time at the course last week, it was very informative and the teaching was superb!
    Hugo. C - Zetta Connect, February 2020
  • “The course was a great way to get into fibre and to further my knowledge on copper. I will feel more confident at work once i return with the knowledge ive learnt. There is alot of information to take in but I found the course enjoyable and educational.
    Elijah. W – Idea Works, February 2020
  • "Fibreplus have an excellent facility and staff for all you fibre needs whether it be training purchasing or general sound advice. I have successfully completed both City & Guilds 3667-02 Units 1,2,&3 Level 2 in Communication Cabling (Fibre Optics), Level 3 BTEC Advanced test & Measurement (fibre Optics)and found the courses excellent very thorough and with a good mix of class work and hands on experience. I strongly advise Fibreplus as a first point of call for anyone looking to successfully advance in the world of fibre optics.
    Siemens, 2020
  • “A great training provider. Did the 1 week fibre course and really enjoyed it. The tutor was very knowledgeable and was a great teacher. The equipment we used was all top grade, was a lot of hands on practical work which helped break up the day from the theory stuff. Would certainly recommend Fiberplus to anyone looking for training in this field.
    Anonymous, March 2020
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