BTEC Level 3 Advanced Testing & Measurement

Fibre Optics

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This BTEC Test & Measurement course provides additional training for those who wish to increase their understanding or specialise in the field of Fibre Optic testing. This course covers testing techniques and the use test equipment (VFL, Light Source/Power Meter & OTDR). Chromatic & polarisation mode dispersion and FTTX testing are also covered in this BTEC qualification.







SN12 8BT


1. Common Terms

  • Wavelength, Frequency, dB Loss, dBm Power
  • Fibres i.e. OM1, OM2 OM3 & OS1 G652 to G657
  • Absorption and scattering, Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • Optical Bands O, E, S, C, L & U
  • BS Symbols for system diagrams

2. Health & Safety

  • PPE
  • Electricity at Work Regulations
  • Laser Safety BS60825

3. Issues

  • Micro & Macro bends
  • Dynamic Range
  • Ghosts
  • Gainers
  • Dead zones
  • Events
  • Bandwidth Limitations, Dispersion, Attenuation

4. Acceptance Testing (Stage 1A)

  • Testing Optical fibre on the drum
  • Internal & External Checks
  • Length
  • Attenuation Co-efficiency

5. Testing Laid Cable (Stage 1 B)

  • Testing of the fibre section
  • Termination options for testing
  • Loss testing
  • Attenuation Co-efficiency
  • Bending issues, Micro & Macro

6. Final Testing of complete System

  • Termination options for testing
  • Loss testing
  • Bending issues, Micro & Macro
  • Over sheath resistance testing
  • Earthing & Bonding
  • Checking Labels Identification i.e. Laser / Cable /Fibre
  • Documentation & Schematics

7. PMD/CD Testing

  • Length & Bandwidth Limitations
  • Testing for PMD & CD
  • How to minimise PMD & CD

8. Post Testing

  • Schematics & Test Documentation
  • Maintenance & Trouble shooting

9. FTTx Testing

  • FTTx Considerations
  • FTTx Test Equipment

10. Standard Equipment

  • Launch & Tail Leads
  • Reference Leads Issues
  • Single & Multi-mode fibre issues

11. BFA & Mechanical Splices

  • Use of Bare Fibre Adapters for testing
  • Correct uses of Mechanical Splices

12. Fibre Identifiers, Mandrels & Microscopes

  • Correct Use & importance

13. Understanding Connectors & Adapters

  • Type i.e. SC, FC/PC, MPx, LC & ST etc.
  • Polish i.e. Flat, Angled, Super & Super Angled
  • Faults
  • Assessing performance of Connector and Adapters

14. Visible Light Source (VFL) & Loss Test Set (ILM)

  • Limitations & Uses
  • Understanding the various ILM Kits
  • Cutback methods
  • Various Referencing methods
  • Understanding correct uses
  • Active Equipment Testing
  • Results and Documentation

15. OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer)

  • Understanding correct use
  • Reflective & Non-Reflective Events
  • Interpreting Results
  • Fault Locating
  • Launch & Tail Leads
  • Results and Documentation
  • OTDR Dynamic Range

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  • A brilliant course, attentive, polite and every need catered for from start to finish.
  • It's one of the best places I had a course at. Very nice friendly staff that took good care of me, as I was an overseas trainee for 3 weeks, that was in 2008. I took a second course again in 2010 for an advanced fiber optic measuring course, that I really enjoyed and learned a lot from.
    Lee. B
  • A training course which I thoroughly enjoyed. Lots of practical mixed with the necessary theory. The instructors were great and explained all concepts really well... Most important, I am able to apply the knowledge at work. Thanks Fibreplus
    Pete. C
  • "This is one of the places that won't let you down, just go there prepared and ready mentally Peter and Matt are fantastic tutors.”……… "I had a wonderful experience, with the qualifications I got from Fibreplus job offers are coming 4 days later”……….. "I will be going back for more, thanks Fibreplus!!”
    Zephried. N
  • The C&G course was enjoyable and there was a good level of practical and theory. The instructor was brilliant, very helpful and a nice approachable person.
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